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Feedback Compliments We give and receive compliments differently in different cultures.

Activity 8: A compliment gone wrong Consider the scenario below and answer the question. Maria teaches computer studies at TAFE. She compliments one of her students for doing well in his asment.

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The student looks embarrassed. I did it very badly. What do you think the teacher would think? Feedback Dress People have different expectations of what is appropriate right dress in various situations, based on their cultural experience.

Activity 9: What is appropriate dress? You will now identify what is appropriate dress for men and women in various situations in Australia, and if you grew up in another countryin your country. for Activity 9. In Australia, if someone invites you to a party and asks you to bring a plate, this means bring some food to share.

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If an invitation says BYO, this usually means bring your own alcohol — beer or wine. Responding to good and bad news Misunderstandings sometimes happen when people respond to good or bad news by using inappropriate responses or body language. Activity Responding to bad news Consider the situation below. When she returns to work, one of her workmates, on hearing the news, shakes her hand.

Why might this cause misunderstanding? Feedback Space Personal space is the distance that feels comfortable between people when they meet and talk. The distance varies depending on the relationship between people, how well they know each other. It also varies from culture to culture. Activity Personal space Consider the situation below.

Jung is quite concerned that whenever he talks to his colleagues at work they tend to take one or two steps back. Why might they do this? Feedback Concept of time How people think about and use time might depend to some extent on how their culture values time. These differences may cause some misunderstanding. In some countries eg Italy and in many Arab countriesit is normal for people to be half an hour late for a meeting.

In some other countries eg, USA or Britainyou can only be late for about five to 10 minutes. In Japan, being late may be perceived as insulting. If we are aware of how people perceive time differently, we can avoid mis-understanding them.

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Polychronic: People from some cultures think about time in a polychronic way. They do many dncounters at once, change their plans often and think that people are more important than punctuality. Remember though that while most people in a culture might be polychronic or monochronic, individuals within a culture can have a different notions about time.

Monochronic Time as a fixed entity. Time is flexible. Necessary to complete one task so you can move on forwards to the next step.

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Focus on planning May begin on other tasks before completing the first. Planning is not emphasised. Appointments and schedules are very important. Appointments and schedules tend to flexible.

People might be late to meetings. Future-oriented Tends to live more in the present Views the present and past as more important than the future not so future-oriented. Reflect Reflect on how your culture think of time? Or is it gjy to these two concepts of time? How about you, as an individual? Forr do you think about time?

Activity Making time Giorgio received an invitation from Anna, his co-worker, for a lunch. Anna had said to come over to her section at pm and they will walk to the cafe next door to their workplace. Giorgio arrived at He was surprised when Anna was angry with him. Both of them got upset.

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Their breakdown in communication started because of their different cultural attitudes to time. Are they monochronic or polychronic?

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Feedback Cultural behaviours All the things we have been talking about so far — attitudes to time, social customs, forms of politeness, etc — are cultural behaviours.

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