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We have all seen it before. The kids we have grown up with go to college and immediately jump into the first frat or sorority they can get their hands on. Sooner or later the letters of their esteemed greek life will appear on their clothes and Instagram bios and the Snapchat stories will depict unbelievable parties that one could simi,ar dream of.

It leaves the question to those of us choosing where to go to school: Is college fun without greek life? I will tell you that a school with no greek life lookimg not always a bad thing.

This oftentimes lolking cause people to go elsewhere or not even consider applying. However, the environment at Providence College is one that does not necessarily need frats or sororities.

Every student is heavily encouraged to clubs and other extracurriculars and, from my experience, they are very close and tight-knit which gives you your own identity on campus. You gain that family-like atmosphere and get to know people of all grades.

Outside of the extracurriculars, on the weekends there is no shortage of things to do. You never have to worry about some exclusive list to get in anywhere and you get very close with those in your grade. Full school dances and formals within your grade occur every semester and it is something you do not always see at other schools.

Providence frat looking for similar

You gain unbelievable friendships and Probidence have never once thought that no greek life negatively impacts the school. Do not mistake this as an anti-greek life petition. The point is to prove that it is not a necessary feature of a school to have fun and gain lifelong friendships.

Providence College has an atmosphere fully unique and fitting for the school and you really feel as if you are part of a family when you are a Friar and it is always looking for more members. Written by: Owen Delaney odelaney friars.

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