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BBC crime reporter recalls hunt for killer He explained that in about he had decided to let go of his anger and "forgive" Sutcliffe.

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It's not something I could have said in the past when I was consumed with anger," he said. He is said to have believed he was on a "mission from God" to kill prostitutes, although not all of his victims were sex workers.

Was Sutcliffe involved in Sweden murders? One of his surviving victims said that 40 years on she is still affected by the attack as she walked home from a pub in Leeds in October Mo Lea, who was 20 at the time, said she had written Sutcliffe a letter while he was in prison.

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I didn't expect a response and I didn't get one but it felt good to put it in the post box. The first two victims, Ms McCann and Emily Jackson, were killed in Chapeltown, which was known at the time for containing Leeds' main red light district. Following the second murder, West Yorkshire Police announced they were looking for a "prostitute killer", leading to accusations key eyewitness evidence was being ignored as it did not fit detectives' narrative.

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Wearside Jack The investigation was also misdirected by one of criminal history's cruellest hoaxes, when John Humble tricked police into believing the serial killer was a man dubbed Wearside Jack because of his gruff Sunderland accent. Police had believed he was the killer despite some survivors of attacks by Sutcliffe reporting he had a Yorkshire accent.

Humble, who died innever fully explained why he taunted detectives pfostitutes letters and an infamous tape recording, in which he anonymously claimed to be the serial killer. When Humble was eventually prosecuted, Leeds Crown Court heard claims the delays caused by the hoax left Peter Sutcliffe free to murder three more women.

Inhe hit a woman over the head with a stone in a sock. Sutcliffe admitted the offence, but his victim decided not to press charges. Six years later, just months before Ms McCann's death, he attacked two other women with a knife and a hammer but both survived.

But Joan Smith, a radio reporter in Manchester who interviewed some of the surviving victims before Sutcliffe was caught, said there were instances of "the most blatant victim blaming" from detectives. Mr Bridgestock, who was one of the first on the scene when Josephine Whitaker was murdered insaid senior detectives "wore blinkers" while leading the inquiry.

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