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Unlike things like physical attraction which you can't really control, dating and relationship coach, and host of the podcast "The Man Whisperer"Laurel House, tells Bustle, having an emotional connection with someone is a choice. For some people it may be the emotional connsction that a partner gives them, and for others it may be the feeling of connectedness they get, especially from feeling comfortable enough to be vulnerable. Everyone experiences emotional connections in their own way.

But it's important gor note that while emotional connection can't be defined across gendered lines, society often assumes it's harder for men to be vulnerable, based off of social constructions of masculinity. But this certainly isn't the case for everyone who identifies as male. Below, seven men share how they knew they felt emotionally connected to their partner.

We graduated from high school 27 years ago, developed our careers, and our life course did not bring us back together until this past December. I knew a deep connection was emerging when I found myself not only listening but listening with my soul. It lookinb intellectual and spiritual intimacy.

Sexual intimacy was never part of the conversation. Our connection is so very surreal as we have this consistent moments where we are thinking the same thing and texting one another connectiin the same time. I have found myself discovering my inner humanity to a point where I am more reflective and more conscious of who I am within the context of the world.

Looking for that emotional connection

The connection is on deep level because we started as friends who allowed things to be organic, fluid and never scripted. She makes me great and I trust her with my total being. We tried to date after high school but I made a costly mistake that pushed me seven to eight years away from what I call my 'God's Gift.

After coming out of that dark emotional storm, the universe reconnected us in April and it was an overwhelming feeling. It was unexplainable like the air we breathe.

Looking for that emotional connection

Now after being married for five years going on a lifetime, that unexplainable feeling is still just as refreshingly powerful as the first time. Being committed to someone that is specifically deed for you is different. They don't complete you, but add to your wholeness.

Looking for that emotional connection

My wife and I were in college then and had been dating for only emitional six months. At the airport, I said goodbye to my parents and they left to give the two of us some space.

Looking for that emotional connection

After about 20 minutes of standing in line, I was finally about to go through the checkpoint and took one last connrction over my shoulder toward the exit doors. Sure enough, there she was jumping up and down and waving at me So when she started yelling loudly, 'Bye! I love you!

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