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Looking for something clermont and dirty today

We're on that tomorrow. Ladies for bitches Breakfast Just quick shout out bitches breakfasts tomorrow at cheeses at 10 AM for anyone that wants to us. It's always about like between like two to four of us all the time uh sometimes we'll have up to eight but again every Wednesday, 10 AM at users as bitches breakfast where you get to hang out with everybody.

That's vlermont an asshole. Everybody like my uh I posted today. I'm an asshole pretty funny right Linda If you're watching, I got that off Linda's super funny anyways so welcome to another episode of Let's discuss this one's about the city council meeting from tonight um pretty crazy only because it clermonf like I looked at this ahead of time and again obviously looked it over tonight and I was like there's really nothing controversial on here but for some reason it took forever to get.

It was I don't know why or maybe it was just me. I got home at like I was like, oh my my god. There's lots of so long, It didn't really need to so I'm not gonna we're not gonna go to the consent agenda cuz that's just boring shit anyway so unfinished business item and thirteen was um CarMax.

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I'm just like what is going on with CarMax like for 2 years, I think we've been dealing with CarMax um I just heard an update loking before the meeting started that they were going like because of the Rona and all the bullshit going on. They were almost going to pull out um completely and not even build build it um but then I guess they change their mind, hence why we have items and under unfinished business tonight, clermoont first one was uh for a final for the annexation of it.

Looking for something clermont and dirty today

Now, it's like crazy how long they've been dragging their ass on us but not. City just CarMax um it's gonna be located um uh let's see County Road, and north of State Road fifty and uh I think uh Lori asked earlier, I thought we weren't allowed anymore uh car dealerships again. This has been going on for 2 years. I think we may have done it just after that one.

That did come up with CarMax first got announced that was gonna be their last deal um coming in well. I actually was the county it was it was in the county and Anne to the city. So I think what happened with that cuz like again, this is before me I think the county allowed CarMax and then they want to use our utilities and then they said, Well, you should pull this annex into the city.

I think um.

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Moving on So, Of course, I got approved um new business item fourteen was a lean reduction request over there at Hancock Road College Station Center. Apparently there was an old property manager on this um property that is no more probably because of issues like this when you they get a code enforcement violations. They just ignored them. There is a new property manager guy He was there representing uh but.

Apparently, there's the owner that's the owner of the property manager, but the owner of this particular uh address and another property, the other owner that the owner owns both have gotten code enforcement of violations. They don't give a shit um and you know council member Purvis if you ever go for uh you know a lean reduction request. He was like a thousand and he was just. A thousand of Tim Bates was like oh, it does kind of like too much and um Jim purpose made the comment that he's you know too easy.

You know is too nice about things um so again it was like an option in there thousand and then Diane was like how about I'm in the middle of you guys because she was actually me back up a little bit. She was mayor uh she is mayor and so whenever there is an issue with the mayor, Gail keeper uh she steps in and takes her.

Looking for something clermont and dirty today

Place um Diane was voted like a year ago uh for that position um or maybe January uh for that position um so Gail is sick. We all know she's got some health issues. Apparently she's feeling better, but she's still not well enough to uh come to the councilman so uh Diane mayor was handling the meeting tonight so anyhow so she says I'm in the middle of you guys, Tim and Jim um so how about um so finally uh they did That uh but I just thought that was kinda funny in the gym was like now a thousand uh item fifteen um they kinda closer together, it says light up Claremont, but there was other shit all smashed together in this um in this item on the agenda, which was kind of um misleading cuz you thought you thought it was just um inside Claremont or just being inside talking about myself again line up Claremont menopausal moment sorry um but actually it was.

The Harvest Festival first Friday food trucks light-up Claremont the parade um and the candy cane lane um there were some other races um like cyclist racist, I think like a like a race like just to run, but they had somrthing agreed they'd already uh said those were okay to have so basically they were just talking about the four. I think.

Looking for something clermont and dirty today

Was mixed in their summer um everybody. I'm I'm probably gonna get shit for this, but I'm just gonna say cermont cuz you know I'm an asshole. I don't give a shit so I'm just gonna say it um the governor opened up Florida Okay.

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We're in phase three. It's the last phase he he's opened up Florida. So now it's kind of a you know just uh you know dribble down of what now what the cities are gonna do what private businesses are gonna do um and. I guess I just get kinda ttoday because it's like I don't I try not to get too political as far as and it's not really. I'm not taking a side here. It's just II guess it would be considered political, but I just think that we need to rip off the Band-Aid and get back out there.

I mean, fuck it up, you know, hone and one hit us. Do we close everything down?

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No we did and that primarily um affected children killed children and we didn't cleermont down the economy. We didn't shut down the schools um this year has been really shitty and I. Feel bad for our. I think that looiing city needs to like grow some balls and buck up and just say fuck it up and open everything up and just let people live. I mean there are several people that spoke tonight. There was only one in opposition of the of these events happening and that was Charlene fourth.

Um I like miss Charlene, but I wasn't I did not agree with her up there.

She and some people are just a little bit more. I hate to use the word spay, but that's just again a she that's just the word that goes in mind.

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Some people are just a little bit more spay about the Roma. Okay I. You know, I'm not um a lot of people that I know aren't and most actually all the people except Charlene that went up there to speak on public the public portion of this item were totally for opening up Claremont and having these events um you know and I hate to say it, but you know even though if I don't like somebody if they say something good, I will give them props because I'm not that kind of an asshole.

I will give them props but Mullins. Keith Mullins as much as I like he is the biggest annoyance to me that any public speaker that goes up there. He's one of diryt ones that just he's always got a say shit every it's like almost every item. He's gotta somtehing there when it comes to like you know downtown area, but I have to give it to him. You know he just said, let us be adults and go about our business and I agree with them.

I do let us be adults. Let us be adults City of Claremont and let's just go about our business. I mean if you wanna wear a mask wear a mask if you don't wanna wear a mask, don't wear a fucking mask, you know, do you want it?

Okay, we got a social distance or whatever I just think if you go in a restaurant with your friends or coworkers, you're sitting in a small space with them clermony you're eating. I just don't see the fucking difference from going into a restaurant, eating and talking and tlday kids going to school and yada yada yada and she even going to the meeting tonight where we were in a big room um but they got chairs.

They are like three together like you're really. I mean I used to understand understand the difference. I just don't I don't but I but I kinda. Where the city is coming from Darren brought cclermont the point that is because it's on um city property we can have. I guess like lawsuits if someone says well, I got coveted cuz I went to y'all's fucking parade and now I got the coveted you know firty my grandma went to the parade or went to the light of Claremont and now she's got coveted. She's dead or something like that.

He's always thinking sirty the uh the law. In the money aspect of it because that's what his job he's trying to protect the city and that's what he does. So I get that I really do get what he was saying I do but come on people you know and everybody up. I think what we know how to social distance you know um and but you know if you wanna wear a mask or a mask, I mean it was said tonight that the city can recommend or request that we wear mask to these events if they pass them um.

Can't enforce them Dan uh the city attorney said that you know you can request it or require it, but you cannot enforce it. So if you wanna go to these events without a mask, they can't do anything about it as far as escort you off the loiking or take you or anything lookiing that and that the governor did say that as well, you think you can't get ticketed.

However, with these vendors, the vendor trucks or whatever that out some of these events now because there are private entity if you walk up to them and you order food they. Say look if you're not wearing a mask, we're not gonna serve you and that's that's their deal. That's up to them, You know, II whatever you know, you're not wearing it when you're ordering from a server or whatever I don't know rirty a restaurant, but she uh Diane actually mayor tonight, said You know that's that's how they feel comfortable doing it.

They could you know, leave it up to the vendors to decide whether they're going to loooing wait on somebody or you know give you know service somebody if they're not wearing a mask uh but what they ended up doing.

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The Harvest festival, which, if you're not familiar with it's just a street festival um it has tents and vendors like craft, you know people that sell crafts and stuff um it's it's goday know I took my granddaughter that last year was fun. They had a good time um and uh they so they agreed to that they agreed to the first Friday food trucks um and let's see then they want to come back for the light up clear. And the I think I don't think that they're gonna be the parade.

They're really, but they are gonna come back in 2 weeks and discuss the parade and then the light up Claremont. I guess I don't. I don't know so there you have it so first Fridays in the Harvest Festival is okay for right now and then in 2 weeks, which is our next meeting They're gonna discuss Light-up Clermont in the prayer. And they did say that they really wanted the public to come and talk and give them some ideas because I don't think that they wanna do it how we normally do it.

I think they wanna change it up for safety protocols or whatever so they they so they just wanna ajd from the public and see what they offer up like, for instance, uh purvis, he said.

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