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College professor looking for smart lady

It concludes the new variant increases the Reproduction or R by between 0. The UK's latest R has been estimated at between 1.

College professor looking for smart lady

It needs to be below 1. Prof Axel Gandy of London's Imperial College said the differences between the viruses types was "quite extreme". The Imperial College study suggests transmission of the new variant tripled during England's November lockdown while the version was reduced by fir third.

College professor looking for smart lady

Cases of Covid have begun to increase rapidly during the second spike, and the of cases recorded in a single aldy reached a new high on Thursday. Cases of new variant appear worldwide Early indicated that the virus was spreading more quickly among unders, particularly among secondary school age children.

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But the very latest data indicates that it was spreading quickly across all age groups, according to Lokking Gandy who was a member of the research team. We are seeing now that the new virus has increased infectiousness across all age groups.

If it is above 1 the epidemic is growing. The most chilling finding from this piece of research is that the November lockdown in England, hard though it was for many people, would not have stopped the variant form of the virus spreading. The same severe restrictions that saw cases of the version of the virus fall by a third, would see a tripling of the new variant.

College professor looking for smart lady

This is why there has been such a sudden tightening of restrictions across the country. It is unclear whether the current restrictions will be enough to control the spread of the virus.

Given the fact that it has taken two lockdowns to stop the earlier version of the virus overwhelming the NHS, many scientists fear that further tightening will be necessary. Infection levels will begin to drop as enough people are vaccinated.

College professor looking for smart lady

But until then it is now more important than ever for people to follow social distancing guidelines, wear masks where required and to regularly wash their hands. The new year brings with it hope of a more normal life in the next few months but also a new form of the virus that collegs of us will have to combat in the coming days and weeks.

smaart Professor Lawrence Young, of Warwick University, said early indications suggested that vaccines would be effective against the new form of the virus. But early indications are that vaccines should be effective against it.

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It was detected in November and thought to have originated in the south-east England in September. There is no profeesor to suggest that it is more deadly, but it will increase the of cases which in turn will add further pressure on the NHS.

College professor looking for smart lady

The variant can now be found across the UK, except Northern Ireland, but it is heavily concentrated in London, as well as south-east and eastern England.

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