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India's drugs experts approve AstraZeneca, local COVID vaccines Experts at India's drugs regulator have recommended for emergency use two coronavirus vaccines, one developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University and the other backed by a state-run institute, the government said on Saturday. The arrest is in relation to terrorism financing, the official said, and not a specific militant attack. He had been in hospital at the IWK for months after he was struck by a motorcycle in August.

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He's gone through multiple prostituyes, had his leg amputated and still has more recovery ahead. But for him, and his mother Dianne, there is hope to be found in what many would consider a tragedy. It's hard seeing him having to overcome so many obstacles," Dianne said. Then came san and phone calls of support from family, friends and members of the hockey community, of which Ryan is a part. We're just very blessed.

And knowing that everything will be alright," he said.

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You always really want to keep that hope in the back of your head and pray for another better day. Dianne's brother and his family met them with noisemakers in Borden when they crossed the bridge. On the way to O'Leary, there were s of support and people out on their lawns waving as they passed. It was very humbling.

Dianne said because of this, the parade was all done from vehicles. Ryan said seeing the community's support also alleviated doubts he had about how much people cared about him. It was just kind of hard to believe that everybody would do that," he said. Dianne said they will chaii back to the IWK on Jan. There will be rehab, which she said will keep them there for four to six weeks.

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And if anybody is ever in a situation that's similar to ours, that we can help them out a little bit. It's cold. The chzi is just coming up, snow is coming down. And she's outside, enjoying it, in her bathing suit. In the Bay of Fundy. Currie Jackson is a registered massage therapist, massage therapy teacher and athlete who is passionate beyan nature and about pushing her body to its limits. Over the years, those passions have driven her to master short track speed skating, competitive inline skating, road racing and strength training.

Hong Kong activists Joshua Wong, Ivan Lam, Agnes Chow jailed over Wan Chai police HQ siege

A few years ago, she discovered the chilling thrill of cold-water immersion and the habits of Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof, founder of the Wim Hof Method of frequent cold exposure, breathing techniques and meditation. Once she began the certification courses, she said, "I started to understand why I enjoyed the cold water so much, and it became something I wanted to do every day.

With average summer water temperatures of between 8 and 12 C and winter temperatures of between 0 and 4 C, it's never what most would consider a comfortable place to take a dip. But it's nirvana for Currie Jackson and others who crave the cold. Cold-water immersion fans cite physiological benefitsWim Hof Method followers cite the physiological benefits of cold-water swims, such as decreased inflammation, reduced stress levels and improved sleep.

Currie Jackson says those are definitely a factor for her, but she couldn't do it if she didn't enjoy it. First, she gears up: swimsuit, Neoprene water shoes, a warm hat, and "if it's really cold," Neoprene scuba diving gloves. Then she he for the beach. There, she warms herself up, does some visualization and intentions and calms her mind. Then she walks into the water, slowly. Making sure I feel fine and that I'm not breathing too fast, or feeling lightheaded.

She advises anyone considering taking the plunge to first get proper instruction to avoid putting themselves in any danger. So I follow those instincts. And even if their routines and traditions have been derailed, some are delighted to be staying put in the North. They work in classrooms in minority language settings across the country.

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She had expected to return home for the holidays. So finally considering all that, I decided to stay here and make the most of the Yukon winter," she said. For me it's a blessing to be able to work in the schools. All the schools are open," she said. Annie Maheux is in a similar situation.

We're going to cross-country ski, we'll focus on outdoor activities," she said. Both women, like their coworker Alexis Grenon, are happy to find themselves stuck in Yukon. It's like we arrived with friends," Maheux said. Grenon is surprised by what he has found in Yukon. We don't learn that in Quebec, that in Yukon, there are so many people who speak French. I can have conversations in French with fourth and fifth grade students without having to change my vocabulary," he said.

The pandemic has presented challenges in some ways. Maheux's work has been all online as she works with students in rural parts of the territory. Darlene Sampson is leaving for personal reasons.

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She has been both the CAO and the chief financial officer for Mulgrave since Sampson said she also had to act as a bylaw enforcement officer and a building manager when the town took over the former school building. The town's offices and recreation department have moved into part of the former school. Another section has been renovated so it can be leased.

She said she had no qualms about the finance officer's duties, but admits she had no experience as a CAO. She said it can be "a big job, especially in a small town where you don't have a lot of staff.

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But Sampson said the support of councillors and the residents kept her going. But she points out the province's annual financial assessment of the town has greatly improved. Much like COVID today, the Spanish flu originally found its way into the province through travel and then spread from there. Spread was also fuelled by gathering in crowds.

One such instance was a church service in Goshen, Guysborough County. Holmes Whitehead said the Goshen Baptist Church burned down in August after it was struck by lightning, so parishioners started meeting in a tiny schoolroom in neighbouring Eight Island Lake. A minister from Antigonish, N. Some of the symptoms of Spanish flu could be particularly gruesome.

Robert Strang, Nova Scotia's chief medical officer of health. We restrict public activities. We tell people to stay home. We may have lots more fancy, modern medical tools, but at the end of the day when it comes to something like a pandemic, it's basic core public health, which hasn't changed for years and probably won't change for the next years, which is somewhat humbling. It can have lasting physiological, neurological effects that you really don't want to go there.

They are pushing for food sovereignty. The notion is to create a "Black food ecosystem" that will allow community members to be the drivers of their own development, through farming and distributing food by them and for them. Lololi says the goal is for community members to be able to exercise self empowerment and gain access to healthy, organic and culturally-appropriate foods. Among many advocates, Lololi says food banks and programs indeed fill an important immediate need, but they aren't the solution that the community desperately needs.

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Lack of control over access to prosfitutes say the level of food insecurity in Black communities comes as a result of a lack of control over access to food, and the extent to which Black communities are structurally disadvantaged in Canadian society. Almost 30 per cent of Black households experience food insecurity, as well, they are 3. Prior to the pandemic, only 10 per cent of white households reported food insecurity, compared to 28 per cent of Black households, according to the Toronto Fallout Report.

Toronto chef and food advocate Bashir Bryah says the Black community in Canada must be able to grow, distribute and consume food that is culturally appropriate to them in order to cultivate food sovereignty. Chronic issues dumped on organizations with no capacity to solve themPaul Taylor, executive director of FoodShare Toronto, quoted in the report, said that much of the funding support it has received is set aside for emergency response "which, while essential, diverts funding away from ongoing initiatives focused on broader food systems.

Melana Roberts, chair pristitutes Food Secure Canada, a national food policy alliance network, says the inequities at hand are rooted in structural challenges like anti-Black racism. Access to land, another barrier for Black communityDirector of the Black Creek Community Farm Leticia Deawuo, says access to land to grow food in Canada is another obstacle advocates are trying to address.

Roberts says all of these challenges precede the global pandemic, which saw a disproportionate of Black residents losing their jobs in the pandemic. You can stories here. Canada's federal government submitted a progress report to UNESCO updating its conservation efforts last month, nearly three weeks after its Dec. We want to protect our Wood Buffalo National Park, want to protect the water levels and protect our animals.

So we need to talk to a lot of people. That's a big word these days. That's what we're going to have to be doing with any future management bryzn the park.

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UNESCO will review Canada's progress report this summer chhai determine whether the park will remain a world heritage site. That's what we're going to have to be doing with any future management with the park," Powder said. Mary Ramsay, head of immunisations at Public Health England, said this would only happen on extremely rare occasions, and that the government was not recommending the mixing of vaccines, which require at least two doses given several weeks apart.

COVID has killed more 74, people in Britain - the second-highest death toll in Europe, and health officials are racing to deliver doses to help end the pandemic as fears grow that the health service could be overwhelmed.

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